Samuka Island Excursion



Samuka Island Excursion

Samuka Island Excursion : this is a unique island Nestled just off the shores of Jinja, Uganda about 9 kilometers from the Source of the Nile in Lake Victoria. It is situated on Kaivali Island in Jinja. Taking only one and a half hours away from the crowd in Kampala. The island is a bird sanctuary with over 50 bird species both migratory and resident birds. You will have a chance to spot different bird species white egrets, long tailed cormorants, pelicans, and other water birds. It is a booking site for different amusing activities like white water rafting in the Nile, horseback riding, bungee jumping, Quad bike tours, half or full day fishing trips, kayaking on the Nile or around the island and water skying/ tubing.

The island is of peace, tranquility and serenity, not only does it offer perfect accommodation for both business and leisure discerning travelers but also a great place for a honeymoon getaway and a birder’s paradise. With a boat ride of nearly 20 minutes from the Source of the Nile. Laze in the gardens, swim in the outdoor pool or enjoy a meal or a cool drink in the restaurant. With a spectacular choice of relaxing in a secluded spot, the beautiful sceneries, natural beauty and the waterfront setting altogether to create your stay perfect and  unique to refresh the mind, body and delight the senses. So take a trip to replenish your energy and calm yourself.

How to get there

Boats to the island are available at Rumors, the gateway to Samuka Island. You can also get a boat from Masese and Jinja sailing club.

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