Kabaka’s Lake Uganda




Kabaka’s Lake Uganda

Kabaka’s Lake Uganda : was constructed in 1880 by the 52 tribes of Buganda under the orders of “Ssekabaka Mwanga II” who was the king by then. This Lake is located in the center of Kampala City, in Rubaga division in Ndeeba between the ring road and the Nabunga road lays the Kabaka’s lake, a reservoir covering over 2 km2with a depth of about 200 feet.  Both men and women worked together to obey their Kabaka’s wishes. Though most of the people obeyed the king, the parish chiefs, prince and princesses refused to adhere to the command. The king was annoyed when he heard of this so he went and joined his people to dig. The action embarrassed the royals compelling them to join the dig. Kabaka Mwanga II wanted the lake to be a channel connecting to Lake Victoria for easy access to his other palace built in Mulungu hill by his father Kabaka Muteesa II before his dead. Not only that but he also wanted it to act as an escape corridor during the British armed conflicts in Buganda. The Kabaka was a rather callous and notorious king; he wanted to be the only leader the civilians followed so when he heard that there were Baganda (Uganda Martyrs) worshiping a different King called God, he had them killed. This stirred up religious wars in Buganda that abruptly interrupted the construction before the lake was connected to Munyonyo. The environment around the lake has magnificent views of the lake enhanced with frequent surrounding air and two small islands which have green vegetation and trees which are home to bird nests which create a beautiful scenery. 

What to do at Kabaka’s lake

Explore the Kabaka’s palace

You can get to explore the Kabaka’s palace that is adjacent to the lake, it is also known as “Twekobe” which means working together. The 52 clans of Buganda came together again to build the palace in 1922 during the reign of Kabaka Daudi Chwa. Though the palace was destroyed in 1966 due to civil wars in the region, the ruins are still a beautiful sight to explore. With the help of a guide, you can also visit the torture chambers where former President Idi Amin would take his enemies.


The lake is a birding paradise with numerous bird species, most of them seen floating on water such as Egrets, Crested crane, King fishers, African jacana, Egyptian goose, African fish eagle to mention a few. It has become a relaxing place for people who sit there listening to sounds of birds.


Enjoy a canoe ride operated by the locals when you visit this lake. While on the canoe, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the islands in the middle of the lake and also sight a number of bird species such as kingfishers, egrets, marabou stork among others.


Fishing is one of the activities because the lake has got a number of fish species which include; Nile tilapia, mud fish and lung fish. With the help of the guide, you will head to the lake where you will find local fishermen who will brief you about the different fishing methods and how fish is prevented. You will be given a chance to participate in this activity depending on your interest.

How to get there

The lake is 5 kilometers from the Kampala capital city situated in Ndeeba between Nabunga Road and Ring Road.

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