Bulago Island in Uganda



Bulago Island in Uganda

Bulago Island in Uganda : is one of the several scenic islands on Lake Victoria, located east of Entebbe International Airport. The word Bulago is a ‘Luganda’ word to mean neck because of their neck-like formation and it is the first island in Lake Victoria to be developed exclusively for leisure use. Bulago Island has been equated to approximately 500 acres of paradise away from the hustle and bustle of city life and this Island has the best location among all the islands on Lake Victoria, the eastern shores are covered with grasslands and the Island is all about enjoyment and relaxation. The island offers brilliant lake side views, sunbath, is perfect for water sports, jogging around the island, horse-riding and hiking trails and also an excellent base for bird-watching. The island is comprised of beautiful soft white sand and several resorts but one that stands out is the Pineapple Bay resort, the most beautiful resort on this Island, making it a perfect vacation spot for weekend gateways or even honeymooners.

Sailing on the lake is great fun, and a laser is available free of charge for the use of club members. A small sailboat or a windsurfer is highly recommended for owners and can easily be launched from the beach.

  • Waterskiing and tubing is available through the lodge or an owner could invest in a speedboat.
  • One of the great pleasures of Bulago is the sheer range and diversity of walks available and with two dominating hills on the island, the views can be magnificent. The size of the island means that walks can range from quick strolls through to full-blown hikes.
  • Bird watching is another great past-time on Bulago and the range of birds is dazzling as the island is home to over 300 bird species.
  • Horses thrive on the island and there are currently two Somali ponies used for riding. You can hire one at an affordable fee.
  • Ngamba Island locally known as a the Chimp Island, a home to over 30 orphaned chimpanzees is located just 4 miles south of Bulago Island and so you are able to cross by and do the chimpanzee tracking.

Getting there

By Boat

Entebbe is located on the lake and therefore there are three locations for boarding a boat to Bulago. The Entebbe Sailing Club, the Botanical Beach Hotel and Entebbe Pier and each of these locations is less than ten minutes from the airport. Since Entebbe is located 10 miles from Bulago Island, it is possible to hire a local canoe but not recommended as these native boats are not compliant with safety regulations. Is takes about 30 minutes by speedboat from Entebbe to Bulago, depending on the condition of the lake and from Kampala it takes forty minutes while using a private boat from Speke Resort and Country Club Marina located in the lakeside suburb of Munyonyo.

Accommodation at Bulago Island

Pineapple Bay

This is a luxurious accommodation located in Bulago Island in Lake Victoria. This lodge spreads on a 500 acre Bulago Island amidst the mighty waters of Lake Victoria with rocky out crops on the shoreline along with low cliffs. Accommodation at Pineapple Bay is presented in 6 expanse cottages overlooking the lake and all the rooms consist of large verandah with views of the lake, sitting area, large showers and bath tabs overlooking the lake and 4 cottages can take up to 4 people in beds.

One minute south villa Bulago Island

This is a seven room villa located on Bulago Island and this serene place is complete home in the tropical waters marked by a range of wood work sculptures that give you company in this part of the world.

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