Kanangorok hot springs



Kanangorok hot springs

Kanangorok hot springs :  are nestled between hard rocks where water boils underneath the earth crust leaking through vents and then come forth from outcrops onto the surface and their extra-ordinary features shape the park’s outstanding beauty. The boiling kanangorok hot springs reach the earth surface blowing temperatures beyond 50°celcius and the water flowing at 1 liter per second. With regards to adventure in Kidepo valley National park, most tourists to this unique park will confess about bush bucks, giraffes, jackals, lions, waterbucks, Kobs, oribi, buffaloes, bush pigs, and elephants among many more. Howsoever could there be something they haven’t seen? On the grounds, and through the streams of the Kidepo valley park, scattered with whistling acacia thorns and with dotted palms, are the kanangorok hot springs the hot mineral-water which continue to be fairy tales to all those who have not visited the park. To a number of tourists and adventures travelling into Uganda, the puzzle of kanangorok hot springs remains an unsolved mystery due to its unique features that form its exceptional attractiveness.

Kanangorok myth

According to the local legend, Longtime ago long drought hit the Karamoja region and territories beyond into the current south Sudan. The traditional king by that time assigned a youth by names of Longorok to fetch water in the traditional gourd from kochetut to Lotukei village, perhaps Kidepo valley. This was meant to appease the gods to let the rains pour in south Sudan after a long period of drought. On the way back with water in the gourd, heavy clouds of rain gathered and it started raining heavily. Upon Longorok reaching the exact spot of the hot springs, a very bright lightning struck blinding his eyes, he fell down, water in the gourd poured and Longorok abruptly died. It is believed that his blood and water mixed and then begun boiling and coming out of the rock that was later named Kanangorok. In conclusion the local legend has it that the hot springs were named after Longorok. There are breathtaking views of panoramic streams, hills and valleys and serene green vegetation as you approach kanangorok Hot springs. The hot springs also attract tourists, drawing many to experience the phenomenon of this hot spring

They are healing hot springs

On reaching there, you will be able to see what is believed to be healing hot springs. The water from the kanangorok hot springs is also considered to have healing powers, and due to this you may occasionally find some local people bathing around this place as a form of “healing” and “spiritual cleansing”. To the indigenous communities the hot spring is a sacred place, a residence of ancestors and spirits. People visit the hot spring to offer sacrifices, seek for blessings, to pay homage and bathe in hot springs water for self-medication to cure body ailments.

How to get there

Getting to Kidepo using road transport, one will need a good 4×4 vehicle especially during the rainy season. There are a number of routes by road that’s to say Kampala via Lira; kotido, kaabong and then to Kidepo. From Kampala via Mbale; Soroti, Moroto, Kotido, Kaabong, and then Kidepo. From Kampala through Gulu, Kitgum and to Kidepo. Getting to Kidepo valley National Park by air may be arranged from Kajjansi airstrip or Entebbe international airport to Lomej airstrip near the park headquarters. Flights take approximately 2hours.

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