About Great Nest Image Safaris

Great Nest Image Safaris was founded way by young professional entrepreneurs based in Uganda. They generally set up a professional company with the intention to improve the quality of tour operation in UgandaRwanda and Kenya. InitiallyGreat Nest Image Safaris operated only in Uganda and Rwanda, however, due to several years of hard work; we have managed to boost our expertise and broaden our business boundaries to Kenya and Tanzania as well. 

We are dedicated to ensuring that all our visitors experience the ultimate African vacations within the African Region. Above all, specialize in tailor-made trips mainly gorilla tracking safari /Uganda gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking safaris. Alchemy of experienced and professional team players work together with your help to tailor for you the best safari based on your desires and preferences.

Additionally, the use of the local guides is a sure deal to the best destinations at an affordable charge for the packages planned by Great Nest Image Safaris. Therefore, for whatever your wish is to explore the virgin destinations and the famous national parks, Great Nest Image Safaris is here to offer you with the intimate range of tours fitted to your heart desires.

Our Objectives
  • To organize customized trips for sole travelers, families, friends, co-workers, and large groups as well as special tours for students plus the handicapped.
  • To get you closer to the gifts of Mother Nature – wildlife by traveling in an eco-friendly way through the different exciting safari packages we have to offer.
  • To offer you value for the money you pay.
Our Mission
  • To arrange and carry out legitimate satisfying safaris and tours. Thereby, offering a comfortable, memorable and enjoyable experience for our clients. We also support community development through our tourism activities.
Our Services
  • Our unique services include:

    • Airport transfers
    • Car rental
    • Air ticketing
    • Hotel Reservations
    • Safari trips
    • Gorilla trekking safaris
    • Nature and community walks

Our Focus


Great Nest Image Safaris makes sure that you enjoy your safari or tour in by giving you comfortable transport from the airport pick up to the destination and around the destination. Additionally, you can choose the type of vehicle you wish to travel in depending on your desires and number.

Besides, the good team of tour guides is willing to offer you the best road trip along the fine roads and enjoyable journeys. More so, our team is always in place to do all the ticketing for any means of transport you might get to need before, during and after the tour.



Our bespoke tour packages will take you places you have never been or imagined for sightseeing in Uganda, Rwanda as well as Kenya. Natural sceneries that explicitly flaunt the beauty of the wild Africa, include; the national parks, the beaches along lake Victoria, the islands etc. Mountains like mountain Rwenzori and a lot of wildlife, cultures and people among others.


The tour packages tailored by Great Nest Image Safaris will always be based on your tastes, preferences, intuition and heart desires. However, during the trips and tours, you can always have some time to take photos, ask questions, have meals, rest along the trail routes, do some shopping in the incredible gift shops filled with African crafts, and enjoy the music of Africa in different towns and centers. The fact that the traveler is out first priority, you can have all kinds of personalization mixed into your tour if you plan it with Great Nest Image Safaris.

By prioritizing value touring holidays, safaris, tours and travel deals, Great Nest Image Safaris has developed a history of making the unreal, real and dreams a reality.  We are here to help you and all other travelers and those who wish to travel to widen, split open, and asunder their limit lines or boundaries and open their imaginations to the world. We totally believe and understand that adventure is always waiting for us; me, you, and everybody out in the world. At Great Nest Image Safaris, we also believe that there is just no better time than what you got now, to discover new sights, new creatures and new life experiences. Adventure is knocking.


Hygiene Measures

We have, all, to adapt to this new world order, where it is vital for us all to take extra hygiene parameters. This is a great reason as to why you can travel with Great Nest Image Safaris and be very sure that we have put new measures to elevate our hygiene standards and procedures of operation. Your well-being as our guest and our team always will be our central point of concern.

COVID-19 Travel

According to the raving wave of corona virus and covid in the world, we love to make your travel  enjoyable, as you also work with us by following the SOP’s set up to prevent the spreading of corona virus.

Upon arrival and prior to joining one of our trips, You ought to be able to present the following:

  • Authentic COVID-19 vaccination certificate
  • Verifiable negative test result for COVID-19.

The company will provide the sanitizers, masks and all the other equipments required to keep safe during your tour.

Meet Our Safari Experts

Great Nest Image Safaris has a team of Tour consultants and guides who are passionate and very experienced. Our staff is ready to serve you as our guides make your safari memorable and unforgettable.



Our Community Contribution

Great Nest Image Safaris shares its proceeds with several local communities each year by doing different charity works that helps families in need, through ” Active Love Foundation Uganda (ALFU) in partnership with Great Nest Image Safaris.

At least we endeavor to support a disadvantaged child, therefore each time you book your safari with us; you are in one way or the other assisting families, women, children, people with disability and young people in deep poverty and impoverished situations with no hope in Uganda.

Our Working Hours

Monday – Saturday

8:00am – 5:30pm

Association Membership

Great Nest Image Safaris is a member of several travel industry association such as;

We are down to earth and friendly people and your tour guide will not only be your own tour encyclopedia but will also become a good friend to you along the road. Try Great Nest Image Safaris and you will have an actual unforgettable tour experience. Our staff stands ready to work with our guests to create the most fascinating and unforgettable tour experience. You can find us: on www.safaribookings.comwww.greatnestimagesafaris.com and africanwildernesstours.com

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